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Beekeeper Carmen Battavio started his honeybee hives* six years ago when he noticed both lack of honeybees in the area and poor production in his vegetable and flower gardens. After hives were started that spring, he and his neighbors noticed a substantial increase in beauty and vegetables. Carmen has found beekeeping to be a unique and highly rewarding hobby. We are Department of Agriculture approved for the hives and the honey extraction and bottling areas we use. We are proud to have this approval that shows our desire to offer the most delicious and safe products.

Additional benefits to beekeeping
  • Membership in the Chester County Bee Association, is a wonderful group of friendly beekeepers. As caring members, most of us register our hives with the Department of Agricultural and are subject to random inspections. This is your way of knowing local beekeepers protect and care for their bees so the by-products are safe and reliable. Visit the association on the web at
  • Birds, bats, and various insects such as praying mantis seem to be bountiful where hives are located.
  • A long lasting way to help nature.
  • Because they are so fascinating, there are many individuals and groups interested in learning about bees and beekeeping.

*if you are interested in placing Carmen B's hives at your location, contact us for details.

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